Bikes are the very important  for long distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport including racing. I lived with the Honda CBR600RR C-ABS for just over three month. I had plenty of time to tinker, gorgeous and so many with suspension settings, ride in the canyons, and commute daily, putting more than 1,700 miles on the new bike.

I wanted to visit a track with my latest bike, but with winter being the off season for track days, availability and weather were uncooperative.  It is being one of the most commonly and valuable asked questions, that whether one should go for the performance enhancement modification with all the parts involved together or evenly going with individual parts one by one will serve the purpose.


If you are not satisfied with the performance of your motorbikes, no matter which bike you ride, it is generally found that we get bored with the stock performance of our ride. We have seen this tendency everyday even in our fellow bikers. Biking clubs make perfect sense for every people when there are a group of people pursuing the same passion. Its often said that birds of the same feather flock together and this is the simple reason for the existence of motorcycle clubs being formed for every bike lovers.

Sports-bike books are very effective to learn tricks to ride every type of bikes and also help to lean safety issue of this case.  You can find-out various amazon books on motorcycles that may help you to enjoy your rides. Those books share various real life story about bike riders so you can enjoy those story.


It’s a great News for all Motorsport loversand also every bike riders, Suzuki Motorcycles has announced the different Cup Championship in various county, which is a One Make Racing Competition authorized by those countries government. There is a cap for taking part in the racing event though either you should have attended any of the training school affiliated to the authorized body.


Yamaha Motor Company releasing different category bikes by considering every bike lover’s taste. I didn’t get a chance to hit the track with the bike, but I would have loved to. After a quick break at maximum Sports Motorcycle Live the ABR forum roundup is back covering all the best activity from last week. We’ve been seeing lots of new users popping up and the forum is as active as ever.