The journey of tea drink from China to Africa:

About 2700 B.C, there is a emperor named Shen Nung in CHINA. He loved flowers and plants. He’d the most satisfactory and delightful garden in the whole country.Every mid-day, emperor Shen Nung would sit in the garden and revel in his drink. Eventually, while his water was boiling on the table, a wind was coming through the garden. The leaves were flying everywhere. For more information about first flush assam, visit our website.

However, there is one small eco-friendly leaf travelled directly into the emperor’s boiling water. The leaves made the water turn eco-friendly. Curious as to the type of taste it might give, Shen Nung required a sip. The sweetness and bitterness of the eco-friendly drink rejuvenated him.So the uncover of tea was marked in China about 3000 years back.


Although the tea drink was discovered, will still be uncommon to the Chinese for any lengthy time. By 780 A.D., Lu Yu authored the Cha’Ching or “The book of tea”. This book switched the good reputation for tea to new direction.

Lu Yu would be a follower of Zen Buddhism. Lu Yu authored this book according to his recollections and findings of tea plantation and processing. Amazing memory. Until the Sang empire in 1100 AD, this excellent drink started to get popular in the elite society. A number of tea’s recognition is a result of the breakthroughs of their health benefits.

As the Chinese elites loved this phenomenal drink, they elevated the growing of tea plant (or Camellia Sinensis). The manufacture of tea skyrocketed. This excellent drink started to achieve every homes in China.

By the Ming empire (~ 1300 AD), China started to export this recently discovered drink to neighboring nations. The good reputation for tea switched to the world outdoors of China. Tea grew to become an essential commodity coupled with high exchange value in China. Tea buying and selling acquired recognition and produced high profit.


The good reputation for tea is stuffed with myth and dreams. Nobody knows the amount of its holds true. But the misconceptions add new excitement into the origin of tea. There’s a myth that mentioned: a Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma that resided around 6 A.D. He accustomed to meditate for several weeks previously.

Something unpredicted happened. Bodhidharma went to sleep during certainly one of his meditation. Feeling rather angry and disappointed, he stop his eye covers and put them on the side of the road. He vowed never to sleep again.

Bodhidharma returned for this road and saw something amazing. There is a small plant with small leaves increased on the place where his eye covers were. He selected up the small leave and chewed. Remarkably, he could meditate for hrs and hrs without dropping off to sleep.

About 1200 AD, the founding father of Zen Buddhism, Eisai, was enthusiastic about the health benefits of tea. Eisai authored a famous book “Tea drinking will work for health”. Eisai stated that tea healed illnesses for example loss of appetite and B-deficiency

Tea has spread its charms to Japan. In Japan, this excellent and natural drink is a means of existence. Japanese tea ceremony reflects wholesomeness and tranquility.

The famous Japanese tea ceremony is Chanoyu–tea in serious trouble. This ceremony was Murata Shuko– father of tea ceremony. The special tea that’s offered in Japanese tea ceremony is Matcha. Matcha is eco-friendly powered tea.


Buying and selling between Asian nations for example India, Sri Lanka, and China a lengthy time ago. They mostly traded spices or herbs like herbal treatments, sugar, salt…

Once China started to export tea, this commodity progressively arrived at Middle and East Asia through spice- buying and selling route. By 1700s, individuals Sri Lanka and Iran began to savor this excellent drink. Overtime, they increased their very own tea plants as well as export their items.


Through many buying and selling routes, this natural drink is brought to Russian. Progressively, this excellent drink am popular. The government started to import tea in large amounts. Initially, Russia imported this red and eco-friendly tea from China. Now, it mostly imported from India and Sri Lanka.


When Nederlander established a buying and selling path to China via Africa. Tea then were brought to Europe. Tea was mostly moved by the Nederlander East India Company to Europe. Tea was brought to British elites in 15th century. They like Black tea (Chinese known as it Red tea). Black tea is processed in a manner that it’s fully oxidized. Black tea provides a strong and bold taste.

The British people’s tongue weren’t so sensitive on bitterness. This appears to become the reason they like Black tea. The tea was for the elites, then the common people. Tea grew to become a social drink in England. Ale lost its place as the most widely used drink to Tea. The first tea house was opened up. The first tea home is Tom’s tea house. The owner was Thomas Twinning. Thomas Twinning tea company still effective today. Britain people also loves High tea. This is an ordinary tea for working class.


When America was still being a colony under the charge of England. Tea drink was brought to People in america. Previously, when tea was scarce and the cost was high. England elevated the tax for tea. People in america loved tea, but angry with the high tax. The famous BOSTON tea party required place.

Another type of tea drink that chose to make this wonderful drink much more popular. Ice tea. It had been invented in summer time 1904, by Richard Blechynden. It had been hot and Richard’s tea house was without any customer. He added ice to create his hot tea awesome.

Then came the concept of tea bag, produced by Thomas Sulliva. He’d a tea business in New You are able to. He attempted to advertise his tea. Thomas crushed the whole leaf into small bits. Put in a small bag. Distribute them around like taste sample. However, whole tea leaves have greater quality. It preserves the taste and every one of the essence of tea. Crushed tea leaves have lower quality. But it is still ideal for an idea sample.

AFRICA: TEA Or Otherwise TEA?

The good reputation for tea bring us to Africa. Specifically, Kenya and Nigeria. The British introduced tea to Africa after the The Second World War.However, Africa features its own “tea plant”. It’s known as Rooisbos (or Red gemstone or Red plant).This isn’t exactly tea, but infused like tea. Rooisbos is gathered in the summer time. Real tea foliage is gathered in the Spring. Want to know more about Herb tea? Visit our website for more information.

Well! this isn’t supposed to be about “authentic” tea. But tea did visit Africa and spread its The thing is since tea travels throughout the world. Now it’s the second most consumed drink in the world, after water.